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Indian Baby Names  of Boys  Starting with Letter S

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Boy Names that start with S

My Favorite Name Meaning Edit/Add Meaning
sachin Edit/Add
Saahi Edit/Add
Sridhar Having money Edit/Add
srihas Edit/Add
shola aag ,shakti Edit/Add
Shirish A rare flower Edit/Add
shriyans Edit/Add
sagar sea Edit/Add
sawan rain Edit/Add
Soumendra Edit/Add
Saharsh Edit/Add
sumay Edit/Add
sanit Edit/Add
sparsh Edit/Add
sameer Edit/Add
sathishanusha Edit/Add
Sudhir Pesence Edit/Add
Shorya Brave Edit/Add
saraansh Gist Edit/Add
Shreyas Best Edit/Add
surya prakash sun bright Edit/Add
shlok Edit/Add
shyam Edit/Add
Somesh Intellegent & Polite Edit/Add
Snehansh Affectionate Edit/Add
Shivan Edit/Add
sankeerth Edit/Add
sujeev good boy Edit/Add
somanth Edit/Add
saicharan Edit/Add
Satish Edit/Add
Saurabh Edit/Add
Saurabh Edit/Add
Saurabh Edit/Add
Sushil Good charactered man;well mannered Edit/Add
Sushim Moonstone Edit/Add
Sushrut A great surgeon of old times Edit/Add
Susil Edit/Add
Sutantu Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnnu Edit/Add
Sutej Lustre Edit/Add
Sutirth Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sutoya A river Edit/Add
Suvarn Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Suvas Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Suvel Placid Edit/Add
Suvidh Kind Edit/Add
Suvir Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Suvit SU means good & VIT means wealth Edit/Add
Suyamun Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Suyash Edit/Add
Suyati Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Svamin Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Svaminath Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Svang Good looks Edit/Add
Svanik Handsome Edit/Add
Svar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Svaraj Lord Indra Edit/Add
Svarg Heaven Edit/Add
Svarna Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Svarpati Lord of sound Edit/Add
Svayambhu Lord Brahma; Vishnu; Shiva Edit/Add
Svayambhut Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Swami Lord Edit/Add
Swapnil Dreamy Edit/Add
Swarit Towards heaven Edit/Add
Swastik Auspicious Edit/Add
Swayam Edit/Add
Syon Gentle Edit/Add
Syum A ray Edit/Add
Syun A ray Edit/Add
Suchet Attentive; Alert Edit/Add
Suchir Eternity Edit/Add
Sudama Lord Krishna's friend Edit/Add
Suday Gift Edit/Add
Sudeep Illumined Edit/Add
Sudesh Strong; Wise; Skilled Edit/Add
Sudesha Son of Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Sudhang Moon Edit/Add
Sudhanshu Moon Edit/Add
Sudhanvan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sudhendra Lord of nectar Edit/Add
Sudhindra Lord of knowledge Edit/Add
Sudhir Wise Edit/Add
Sudhit Kind Edit/Add
Sudin Edit/Add
Sudip Bright Edit/Add
Sudir Bright Edit/Add
Suhail Name of a star Edit/Add
Suhas Laughter Edit/Add
Suhayb Of reddish hair or complexion Edit/Add
Suhruda Good hearted Edit/Add
Sujal Affectionate Edit/Add
Sujay Victory Edit/Add
Sujetu Edit/Add
Sujit Great conqueror Edit/Add
Suka Wind Edit/Add
Suketu A Yaksha king Edit/Add
Suketu Edit/Add
Sukhajat Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sukhakar Lord Rama Edit/Add
Sukhashakt Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sukhdev Lord of happiness Edit/Add
Sukhen happy Edit/Add
Sukhesh Lord of happiness Edit/Add
Sukhwinder Edit/Add
Sukumar Very sensitive Edit/Add
Sukumara Very tender very delicate Edit/Add
Sukumaran A variation of the name Sukumaran Edit/Add
Sulayman A Prophet's name Edit/Add
Sulek Sun Edit/Add
Sulochna Beautiful eyes Edit/Add
Sumant Friendly Edit/Add
Sumanth Edit/Add
Sumatinath Lord of wisdom Edit/Add
Sumay Wise Edit/Add
Sumed Wise Edit/Add
Sumedh Clever Edit/Add
Sumeer Edit/Add
Sumeesh Edit/Add
Sumeet Friendly Edit/Add
Sumeru Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sumesh Edit/Add
Sumiran Edit/Add
Sumit Edit/Add
Sumukh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sunar Happy Edit/Add
Sunashi Lord Indra Edit/Add
Sunay Wise Leader a well conducted king Edit/Add
Sunchit Edit/Add
Sundaravathana Smart and handsome Edit/Add
Sunder Handsome Edit/Add
Sundesh Edit/Add
Suneet Lord Shiva; Righteous Edit/Add
Sunil Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Sunjeev Making alive Edit/Add
Suoud Good luck Edit/Add
Suparn Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Supash Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Supratik Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Supreet Edit/Add
Suradhish Lord Indra Edit/Add
Suradip Lord Indra Edit/Add
Suragan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Suraj Sun Edit/Add
Surajiv Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Suram Beautiful Edit/Add
Suran Pleasant sound Edit/Add
Surarihan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Surbhup Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Suren Lord Indra Edit/Add
Surendra Lord Indra Edit/Add
Surendra Lord Indra Edit/Add
Surendran Edit/Add
Suresh Lord Shiva; Lord Indra Edit/Add
Suri Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Surup Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Surush Shining Edit/Add
Suryaansh Edit/Add
Suryadev Sun God Edit/Add
Suryanarayanan Edit/Add
Suryanshu Sunbeam Edit/Add
Suryesh Sun Is God Edit/Add
Susadh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Susan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Susen Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnnu Edit/Add
Sushant Quiet Edit/Add
Susher Kind Edit/Add
Shubhay Blessing Edit/Add
Shubhojit Handsome Edit/Add
Shukla Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shulandhar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shulin Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shuna Lord Indra Edit/Add
Shushil Pleasant Edit/Add
Shvant Placid Edit/Add
Shvetambar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shvetanshu Moon Edit/Add
Shvetavah Lord Indra Edit/Add
Shyam Dark Blue Black Edit/Add
Shyam Dark; Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shyamak Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shyamal Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shyamantak Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shyamsunder Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Siddak Edit/Add
Siddartha Buddha Edit/Add
Siddha Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Siddhadev Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Siddhanth Principle Edit/Add
Siddharta One who has accomplished his aim Edit/Add
Siddharth Accomplished Edit/Add
Siddhesh Lord of the blessed Edit/Add
Siddheshwar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Siddhraj Lord of perfection Edit/Add
Siddid Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sikandar Victorious Edit/Add
Sindhu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sindhunath Lord of the ocean Edit/Add
Sinha Hero Edit/Add
Sinhag Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sinhvahan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sinjeet Edit/Add
Siraaj Lamp; Light Edit/Add
Sitanshu Moon Edit/Add
Sivanantham Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Smaran Meditation Edit/Add
Smiren Edit/Add
Smith Smile Edit/Add
Snehakant Lord of love Edit/Add
Snehil Edit/Add
Sohail Moon-Glow Edit/Add
Soham I am Edit/Add
Sohan Handsome Edit/Add
Sohil Beautiful Edit/Add
Somadev Lord of the moon Edit/Add
Somali Moon's love Edit/Add
Soman Edit/Add
Somanshu Moonbeam Edit/Add
Somashekhar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Somasindhu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Somesh Moon Edit/Add
Someshwar Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Somnath Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Soni Surajiv Edit/Add
Sonit Person with good intentions Edit/Add
Sookraj Edit/Add
Soumil A friend Edit/Add
Soumil Friend Edit/Add
Sourav Edit/Add
Sourish Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sravan Character in Ramayan devoted son Edit/Add
Sreenesh Edit/Add
Sri Edit/Add
Sriashwin A good ending Edit/Add
Sridatta Given by God Edit/Add
Sridhar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Srihith Edit/Add
Srijesh Edit/Add
Srikanth Edit/Add
Srikar Edit/Add
Srinesh Edit/Add
Srinish Edit/Add
Srinivas Lord Venkateshwara Edit/Add
Srivant Edit/Add
Stafford From Aristrocratic English Surname Edit/Add
Stavya Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sthavir Lord Brahma Edit/Add
Sthir Foccused Edit/Add
Stimit Astonishing Edit/Add
Stotri Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Subal Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Subali Strong Edit/Add
Subash Edit/Add
Subeer Courageous Edit/Add
Subhang Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Subhankar One who does good deeds virtuous Edit/Add
Subhash Who speaks good words Edit/Add
Subhradip Edit/Add
Subhy Early morning Edit/Add
Subodh Good lesson Edit/Add
Subramaniam God Edit/Add
Subratah Edit/Add
Suchendra Lord of piousness Edit/Add
Shaylan Edit/Add
Shayne Beautiful Edit/Add
Shazad Prince Edit/Add
Sheece Prophets name Edit/Add
Shekhar Ultimate; peak Edit/Add
Shekinah Edit/Add
Shesanand Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shibhya Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shibu Edit/Add
Shighra Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shihab Flame; Blaze Edit/Add
Shikhandin Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shikhar Mountain; Top of the mountain Edit/Add
Shilang Virtuous Edit/Add
Shilish Lord of mountains Edit/Add
Shineyu Shining Edit/Add
Shinjan Music of payel Edit/Add
Shipirist Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shirom Edit/Add
Shishir Winter Edit/Add
Shishul Baby Edit/Add
Shitikanth Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivadev Lord of prosperity Edit/Add
Shivaji Edit/Add
Shivalik Edit/Add
Shivam Auspicious;Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivanath Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivang Part of Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivank Mark of Lord Edit/Add
Shivansh Edit/Add
Shivas Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivasunu Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Shiven Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivendra Lord Shiva; Lord Indra Edit/Add
Shivendu Moon Edit/Add
Shivesh Lord Shiva; Shiv+esh ( Lord Shiv's Ishwar Shri RAM Edit/Add
Shiveshvar God of welfare Edit/Add
Shivraj Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shivram Lord Shiva; Lord Ram Edit/Add
Shlesh Physical bonding Edit/Add
Shlokh Hyme's of Lord Edit/Add
Shobhan Splendid Edit/Add
Shoor Valiant Edit/Add
Shraunak Edit/Add
Shravan A Hindu month; The devoted son (from Ramayan) Edit/Add
Shreerag Edit/Add
Shreshta Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrestajna Top knowledge Edit/Add
Shresth Best of all Edit/Add
Shresthi Best of all Edit/Add
Shrey Marevellous Edit/Add
Shreyank Edit/Add
Shreyansh Edit/Add
Shreyas The best Edit/Add
Shrida Lord Kuber Edit/Add
Shridhar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrigopal Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shrihan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrihari Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shriharit Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrikant Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrikar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrikeshav Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shriman Gentleman Edit/Add
Shrimat Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrimohan Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shrinand Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrinath Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shringesh Lord of pearls Edit/Add
Shriniketan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shripadma Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shripal Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shripati Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shriram Lord Rama Edit/Add
Shrirang Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shriranjan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrish Edit/Add
Shrisha Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shritan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrivarah Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrivardhan Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shrivas Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrivatsa Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shrot Edit/Add
Shrujan Edit/Add
Shubam Edit/Add
Shubendra Lord of virtue Edit/Add
Shubh Fortunate Edit/Add
Shubhaksh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shubhankar Virtuous; Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shubhashis Blessings Edit/Add
Satyajit Conquering by truth Edit/Add
Satyajit Victory of truth Edit/Add
Satyak Honest Edit/Add
Satyam Honesty Edit/Add
Satyanarayan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Satyen Edit/Add
Satyendra Best among truthful Edit/Add
Saubal Mighty Edit/Add
Saubhadra Abhimanyu Edit/Add
Saul Prayed for Edit/Add
Saumit Easy to get Edit/Add
Saumitra Lakshman Edit/Add
Saumya Handsome Edit/Add
Saurabh Fragrant Edit/Add
Saurav Melodious Edit/Add
Saurjyesh Kartikeya; The Lord of Valour Edit/Add
Savio Saint's name Edit/Add
Savir Leader Edit/Add
Savit Sun Edit/Add
Savya Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sayeshan Edit/Add
Sayf Udeen Sword of the Faith Edit/Add
Sayid Master Edit/Add
Sehej Calm Edit/Add
Sekar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Senthil Lord Murugan Edit/Add
Seshu Sesh Nag Edit/Add
Setu Sacred symbol Edit/Add
Shaady Singer Edit/Add
Shaan Prestige; Dignity; Pride Edit/Add
Shaant Peace and Calm Edit/Add
Shabar Nector Edit/Add
Shabeer-Ali Edit/Add
Shafeeq Compassionate; Tender Edit/Add
Shahalad Joy Edit/Add
Shahid A martyr (religious or political) Edit/Add
Shahnaaz Pride of a King Edit/Add
Shailen Edit/Add
Shailendra Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shailesh Lord of the Mountain Edit/Add
Shaiv Edit/Add
Shakeel Edit/Add
Shakti Power Edit/Add
Shalabh Parwana Edit/Add
Shalang Emperor Edit/Add
Shaligram Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shalik A sage Edit/Add
Shalin Good manners Edit/Add
Shalina Courteous Edit/Add
Shaline Praiseworthy Edit/Add
Shalmali Lord Vishnu's power Edit/Add
Shalok Edit/Add
Shama Sun Edit/Add
Shamak Makes peace Edit/Add
Shamakarn Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shambhu Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shamik Edit/Add
Shamir Rock that can penetrate metal Edit/Add
Shamun Name of prophet Edit/Add
Shan Pride Prestige Edit/Add
Shankar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shankarshan Lord Krishna's brother Edit/Add
Shankdhar Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shankhapani Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shankhin Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shankir Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shantanav Bhishma Pitamaha Edit/Add
Shantanu Whole Edit/Add
Shantidev Lord of peace Edit/Add
Shantinath Lord of peace Edit/Add
Shanyu Benevolent Edit/Add
Sharad Autumn Edit/Add
Sharan Shelter Edit/Add
Sharang Edit/Add
Sharat A season Edit/Add
Shardul The best Edit/Add
Shareef Distinguished; Noble Edit/Add
Sharjeel Edit/Add
Sharokh Edit/Add
Sharu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shashank Moon Edit/Add
Shashi Moon Edit/Add
Shashin Moon Edit/Add
Shashish Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Shashrvat Name of lord sun Edit/Add
Shashvat Eternal; Constant Edit/Add
Shashwat Permanent; One who never dies/ always present Edit/Add
Shatrughan Lord Rama's brother Edit/Add
Shauchin Pure Edit/Add
Shaunak Wise Edit/Add
Shaurav Bear Edit/Add
Shauri Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Shaurya Bravery Edit/Add
Shawn American spelling of Sean Edit/Add
Samin Self-disciplined Edit/Add
Samir Entertaining companion Edit/Add
Samit Always making friends Edit/Add
Sammad Joy Edit/Add
Samranpal Edit/Add
Samrudh The Enriched One Edit/Add
Samvar Content Edit/Add
Sanat Eternal Edit/Add
Sanat Lord Brahma Edit/Add
Sanay Prayer To praise Edit/Add
Sanchay Collection Edit/Add
Sanchit Collection Edit/Add
Sandeep Glowing Edit/Add
Sandesh Message Edit/Add
Sandesh Message Edit/Add
Sandy Good Lamp Edit/Add
Sanhata Conciseness Edit/Add
Sanil Gifted; Bestowed Edit/Add
Sanjan Edit/Add
Sanjay Victorious Edit/Add
Sanjeev Love; Life Edit/Add
Sanjeevan Edit/Add
Sanjesh Edit/Add
Sanjit Victorious Edit/Add
Sanjit Who Is AlwaysVictorious Edit/Add
Sanjiv Vital Edit/Add
Sanjoy Victory Edit/Add
Sanjoy Victory Edit/Add
Sankalp Aim Edit/Add
Sanket Signal Edit/Add
Sannath Accompanied by a protector Edit/Add
Sanshray Aim Edit/Add
Santan A tree Edit/Add
Santosh Satisfaction Edit/Add
Sanurag Affectionate Edit/Add
Sanwariya Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Sanyam To have controll Edit/Add
Saprathas Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Saptajit Conqueror of 7 elements Edit/Add
Saptanshu Fire Edit/Add
Sarana Injuring Edit/Add
Sarandeep Edit/Add
Sarang Musical instrument; Sun God Edit/Add
Saras Moon Edit/Add
Sarasi Lake Edit/Add
Sarat Edit/Add
Sarathi Edit/Add
Saravana Clump of reeds Edit/Add
Sargam Musical notes Edit/Add
Sarin Helpful Edit/Add
Sarish Equal Edit/Add
Sarojin Lord Brahma Edit/Add
Sarthak Having its own importance Edit/Add
Sarva Lord Krishna; Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvad Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvadev Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvadharin Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvag Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvak Whole Edit/Add
Sarvambh Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Sarvang Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvashay Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvavas Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sarvbhanu Name of sun Edit/Add
Sarvendra God of all Edit/Add
Sarvesh God of all Edit/Add
Sashang Connected Edit/Add
Sashank Moon Edit/Add
Sashanth Edit/Add
Sashwat Eternal Edit/Add
Sasi Moon Edit/Add
Sasmit Ever smiling Edit/Add
Sasta One who rules Edit/Add
Sasweet Edit/Add
Satadev God Edit/Add
Satamanyu Lord Indra Edit/Add
Satanand Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Satesh Lord of hundreds Edit/Add
Sathi Partner Edit/Add
Sathindar Edit/Add
Sathinder Edit/Add
Satin Real Edit/Add
Satinath Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Satindra Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Satish Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Satkartar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Satpal Protector Edit/Add
Satpati Lord Indra Edit/Add
Satrajit Ever victorious Edit/Add
Satvat Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Satveer Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Satvik Virtuous Edit/Add
Satvinder Lord of virtue Edit/Add
Satwaki Fighter Edit/Add
Satya Pramod The true person Ganesh Edit/Add
Satyadev Lord of truth Edit/Add
Sourabh Fragrance Edit/Add
Sparsh Touch Edit/Add
Srivar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Suchit Person with a sound mind Edit/Add
Sudalai Village God Edit/Add
Swajith Self- Victory Edit/Add
Swapan Dream Edit/Add
Swethan The one who has learnt all Vedas Edit/Add
Saabir Patient Edit/Add
Saad Good luck Edit/Add
Saahil Sea shore Edit/Add
Saahir Wakeful Edit/Add
Saajid One who worships God Edit/Add
Saakaar Manifestation of god Edit/Add
Saalih Good; Righteous Edit/Add
Saanjh Evening Edit/Add
Saariyah Clouds at night Edit/Add
Sabal With strength Edit/Add
Sabarish Lord Iyyappan Edit/Add
Sabeeh Beautiful Edit/Add
Sabrang Rainbow Edit/Add
Sabyasachi Lord Arjun Edit/Add
Sachchit Lord Brahma Edit/Add
Sachet Consciosness Edit/Add
Sachin Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sachish Lord Indra Edit/Add
Sachiv Friend Edit/Add
Sadabindu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sadanand Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sadar Respectful Edit/Add
Sadashiv Pure Edit/Add
Sadavir Ever courageous Edit/Add
Sadeeq Trustworthy Edit/Add
Sadgun Virtues Edit/Add
Sadhil Perfect Edit/Add
Sadiq Friend Edit/Add
Sadiva Eternal Edit/Add
Sadru Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Saeed Happy; Rivulet Edit/Add
Safal Succeed Edit/Add
Saffar Coppersmith Edit/Add
Safiy Best friend Edit/Add
Safwan Old Arabic name (rocks) Edit/Add
Sagan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sagar Sea Edit/Add
Sahaj Easy Edit/Add
Sahar Sun; Dawn Edit/Add
Sahara Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Saharsh With joy Edit/Add
Sahas Brave Edit/Add
Sahasrad Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Sahasya Mighty Edit/Add
Sahat Stong Edit/Add
Sahaya Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Saheb Edit/Add
Sahil River bank; Shore; Kinara Edit/Add
Sahir Magician Edit/Add
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sahith Literature Edit/Add
Sai Flower Everywhere Edit/Add
Saicharan Edit/Add
Saif Edit/Add
Saikiran Edit/Add
Sajan Beloved Edit/Add
Sajiv Lively Edit/Add
Sajiva Full of life Edit/Add
Sakaleshwar Lord of everything Edit/Add
Sakash Illumination Edit/Add
Saket Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Saksham capable Edit/Add
Sakshik Witness Edit/Add
Salah Righteousness Edit/Add
Salah Udeen The righteousness of the Faith Edit/Add
Saleem Safe Edit/Add
Salem Safe Edit/Add
Salil Water Edit/Add
Salman Safe Edit/Add
Samabashiv Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Samaj Lord Indra Edit/Add
Samajas Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Samanyu Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Samarjeet Winner of the battle Edit/Add
Samarjit Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Samarth Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Samavart Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Sambathkrishna A gift fom Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Sambha Shining Edit/Add
Samdarshi Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Sameer Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind Edit/Add
Sameeullah Edit/Add
Samen Happy Edit/Add
Samendu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Samesh Lord of equality Edit/Add
Samik Peaceful Edit/Add
Samil Peacemaker Edit/Add
Saatatya Never ending Edit/Add
Sachh The Truth Edit/Add
Sairam Lord Sai Baba Edit/Add
Saju Travelling Edit/Add
Sakshum Skillful Edit/Add
Sameep Close Edit/Add
Sannidhi Nearness Edit/Add
Sannigdh Always ready Edit/Add
Sanskar Up- bringing Edit/Add
Saransh In Brief Edit/Add
Shaarav Pure & Innocent Edit/Add
Shanay Power of lord Shani Edit/Add
Shay Gift Edit/Add
Sheehan Peaceful child Edit/Add
Shibil Young one in Arabic Edit/Add
Shitiz Horizon Edit/Add
Shoubhit Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Shulin Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Sidak Wish Edit/Add
Siddhanth Moral Edit/Add
Sneagen Friend Edit/Add
Soumava Moon's light Edit/Add

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