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OPPO showcases wireless charging for upcoming rollable phone


Author : Indo Asian News Service

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New Delhi, Feb 23 (IANS) After Xiaomi, another Chinese brand OPPO on Tuesday showcased a new wireless charging solution that works from 10 cm (3.9 inches) distance for its upcoming rollable smartphone.

In a tweet, OPPO showcased the closer look at wireless air charging.

"Working on or off axis with the charger, you can charge up and use the smartphone at the same time without being tethered to a charging stand or cable!" the company said.

The video clip shows the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept phone announced in November being charged above the pad.

The OPPO technology offers charging speeds of up to 7.5W.

Last month, Xiaomi introduced a brand new form of charging called Mi Air Charge Technology that is able to charge devices "within a radius of several metres."

The remote charging technology is capable of 5-watt remote charging for a single device.

Apart from that, multiple devices can also be charged at the same time (each device supports 5 watts) and even physical obstacles do not reduce the charging efficiency.

In the near future, Xiaomi's self-developed space isolation charging technology will also be able to work with smart watches, bracelets and other wearable devices.

Motorola has also showcased one of its smartphones charging 100 cm (40 inches) away from a charger.



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