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F1: Disappointed Norris believes ‘he should have won’ at Spanish GP

Author : IANS

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Barcelona, June 23 (IANS) Max Verstappen and Red Bull took the victory at the Spanish Grand Prix as the Red Bull overtook Lando Norris who started at P1 in the very first lap itself.

Norris got off to a ‘bad start’ at the Spanish Grand Prix as his attempt to block Max Verstappen in the first corner ended up with him getting caught in no-man’s land as he was passed by both George Russell and the Dutch driver.

Following the checkered flag the British driver was disappointed by the result and said he ‘should have won’ if it weren't for the bad start.

“Should have won. I got a bad start, simple as that. The car was incredible today, I think we were for sure the quickest, I just lost it in the beginning. So yeah, disappointed, but a lot of positives, one negative and that kind of ruined everything. I know that. I can just work on it for next time and, apart from that, a good amount of points and a big thanks to the team, because the car was amazing,” said a disappointed Lando in the post race interview.

Norris and Mclaren have been on a mean streak in recent outings as the 24-year old has finished second or higher in five of the last six races (He won his first ever Grand Prix at Miami).

Barcelona will be a missed opportunity for the young star as he sits in second place (150 points) in the driver’s championship behind Max Verstappen who has a comfortable lead with 219 points in his hunt for his fourth world championship.

“I’m not sure, I need to look back and review. I don’t know what I did wrong or if I was just slightly out. It was only a little bit to Max that I lost, it wasn’t like he was completely alongside, it was more that George was suddenly outside and kind of had me over. Fair play, well done to Red Bull and Max, another job done for them, but a shame that we lost it at the same time, so a bit frustrating. We’ll work on it for next time,” concluded the Mclaren number 4 driver.



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