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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
11/22/1718 Durgadas Rathore, social reformer, died on the banks of the Sipra at Ujjain.
11/22/1773 Robert Clive, English occupier (India), passed away at the age of 48.
11/22/1872 Meera Behn (Medlin Slade), freedom fighter, was born at England.
11/22/1873 Leopold CMS Amery, British minister of Colonies (India), was born.
11/22/1899 Shaheed Laxman Nayak, freedom fighter and leader, was born at Tentuliguma village, Koraput district.
11/22/1913 Lakshmikant Jha, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir state and international famed ecomonist, was born.
11/22/1915 Mohandas Gandhi returns to India.
11/22/1916 Shanti Ghosh, great revolutionary freedom fighter, was born at Calcutta. She was one of the accused in famous Chargaon ammunition plot and assassination of General Lemen, Inspector General of Dhaka.
11/22/1928 British King George confined to bed with congested lung; Queen to take over duties.
11/22/1967 Tara Singh, freedom fighter, Akali Dal leader master and politician, died at Amritsar.
11/22/1968 Lok Sabha passed notification to change the name of Madras state as Tamil Nadu.
11/22/1971 Indian and Pakistan governments protested violations of national airspace along the western border, but aerial conflict between the respective air arms began, preceding full-scale warfare between India and Pakistan by 12 days.
11/22/1988 Baba Amte wins U.N. Human Rights Award.
11/22/1989 General Election ( 9th) of India begins for Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in 5 states.
11/22/1989 Rajindernath, great Indian wicketkeeper 1 Test and 0 runs 0 ct, 4 stp, passed away.
11/22/1990 Laloo Prasad Yadav, Bihar CM, wins confidence motion (202-108).
11/22/1991 Supreme Court declares Karnataka's ordinance on Cauvery water dispute as unconstitutional.
11/22/1993 Gulshen Ahmed, Himachal Governor, resigns in the wake of an official report that he canvassed for his son in Satna.
11/22/1997 Yasser Arafat, President, Palestinian National Authority, laid the foundation stone for Indo-Arab cultural centre at Hyderabad.
11/22/1997 Diana Hayden, 24-year-old Mumbai-born Miss India, beat 85 contestants from around the world to be crowned new 'Miss Universe' at Mahe in Seychelles.
11/22/1999 V. S. Rama Devi and Vishnu Kant Shastri appointed the new Governors of Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh.
11/22/1999 A.B.Vajpayee, Prime Minister, expands cabinet as four more ministers join the ministry including Arun Shourie.
11/22/2000 Chhota Rajan, Mumbai gangster, escapes from the custody of Thai authorities.


Other Historical Dates and Events
1/8/1965Star of India', world's largest sapphire, returned to American Museum of Natural History.
7/29/1979Choudhary Charan Singh was sworn in as the fifth Prime Minister of India heading the Janata (S)-Congress coalition. He held this office till January 14, 1980. Jagjivan Ram became the leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha.
4/14/1993The Cabinet Committee approves delicensing of car, refrigerator and leather goods industries.
12/27/1911Jana Gana Mana.... ,' India ' s National Anthem, was first sung at the Indian National Congress session held at Calcutta.
7/27/1889Branch of Indian National Congress, 'British India Committee' , was established under the leadership of Dadabhai Navroji.
5/17/1897Dhirendra Varma, famous linguist, was born.
2/9/1898The Rower of Persia', a short film produced at Calcutta was released on February 9 at Star Theatre, Calcutta.
6/19/1901Raj Chandra Bose, Indian mathematician and statistician, was born at Hosangabad in Madhya Pradesh. He made many valuable contributions to the subject. He discovered new codes for telecommunication. In 1976, America's highest honour to a scientist came to Bose as he was elected Fellow of the US Academy of Sciences.
2/7/1856Wajid Ali Shah, ruler of Oudh, was asked to abdicate by the British Resident on grounds of chronic misrule.
1/16/1995India and USA form new trade framework called Indo-US Commercial Alliance and signs contracts worth $ 1.4 b.