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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
5/21/1835 Biharilal Chakravorty, Bengali poet, was born.
5/21/1855 Rani Rasmoni was consecrated at Bhabatarini Kali Temple of Dakhineswar.
5/21/1923 Keshavrao Kothavle `Lalit', editor of monthly magazine, was born.
5/21/1927 Cargo Transportation service started between Calcutta and Bagdogra.
5/21/1930 A raid of nationalists on salt works in Dharasana results in 630 casualties and the arrest of Mrs. Naidy, leader of the civil disobedience campaign.
5/21/1935 Quetta earthquake takes a heavy toll of life.
5/21/1966 General Election (11th) of India ends.
5/21/1973 Mohan Kumarmangalam, Central Minister, passed away in an air crash near Delhi.
5/21/1975 The 26-mile feeder canal from Farakka to the Bhagirathi river dedicated to the nation.
5/21/1984 Army moves in after 114 die in religious strife at Bomay.
5/21/1990 PM V. P. Singh clears the Rs. 13,000 crore Sardar Sarovar Project over the river Narmada.
5/21/1990 Moelvi Muhammad Farouk, great Indian spiritual leader, was murdered.
5/21/1991 Rajiv Gandhi, Indian Prime Minster (1984-91), assassinated by human bomb explosion plotted by LTTE at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu, 40 km from Madras, at 10.20 P.M.
5/21/1992 Manohar J.Pherwani, 58, Chairman of the National Housing Bank, died.
5/21/1994 JKLF leader Mohammed Yasim Malik agrees to eschew violence provided the Centre guarantees a dialogue without pre-conditions.
5/21/1994 Sushmita Sen (Miss India), 18, was crowned as the 43rd Miss Universe.
5/21/1994 The Union Government imposes blanket ban on capitation fee for admission to private professional colleges.
5/21/1996 General Election (11th) of India ended.
5/21/1996 M.S. Sushama Dande (Shiv Sena) elected first woman mayor of New Mumbai along with Savitri Patil (Shiv Sena) as Deputy Mayor.
5/21/1998 India declares a moratorium on nuclear testing.
5/21/1999 A powerful bomb explodes and another is defused on the road leading to the Imphal airport minutes before the Prime Minister landed to commence his two-day visit to the State.


Other Historical Dates and Events
7/15/1902Judge K. Subba Rao, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, was born.
5/30/1985Earthquake in Srinagar.
7/30/1995Notification issued for the constitution of Jharkhand Autonomous District Council.
6/30/1979R. D. Singh became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation. He was there in this office till 24 Jan. 1980.
12/10/1913The Nobel prize for literature was awarded this year to Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali poet from India.
12/25/1946Gandhiji said, at Noakhali, ""I am being tested through and through"".
12/20/1929The Indian State Air Service, an extension of Imperial Airways' routes, opens its inaugural service from Karachi to Delhi.
6/13/1731Swedish East India Company was formed. For 15 years King Fredrick of Sweden gave the Company a charter.
10/24/1955Ghulam Ahmad Hasan Muhammad Parkar, cricketer (Indian batsman vs England 1982), was born in Kalusta, Maharashtra.
10/21/1789Ramshastri Prabhune, justice of Peshwa kingdom, died.