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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
8/2/1763 British troops once again defeated Mir Kasim in 'Giriya' battle.
8/2/1781 Sakharambapu Bokeel, great politician in Maratha kingdom, died.
8/2/1858 British parliament passed the act to handover the administration of India to British Government from East India Company. After the occasion, the Supreme British ruler in India was called as 'Viceroy'.
8/2/1861 Parafulla Chandra Ray, chemical expert and great patriot, was born in the village of Raruli-Katipara IN Jessore district.
8/2/1877 Pandit Ravishankar Shukla, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, lawyer, politician and social worker, was born in Sagar, M.P.
8/2/1880 Bellary Raghava, famous actor, lawyer, social worker and dramatist, was born.
8/2/1885 Poet Siyaram Saran Gupt, brother of national poet Maithilysharan Gupt, was born.
8/2/1891 Padmashree V. P. Karmarkar (Nanasaheb), famous sculptor, was born.
8/2/1919 Bharat Bhushan Agrawal, famous poet and winner of Sahitya Academy Award, was born.
8/2/1922 Gangaprasad Birla, great industrialist, was born.
8/2/1922 Krishnapal Singh, politician and lawyer, was born at Birahuli in Madhya Pradesh.
8/2/1935 The British pass Govt. of India Act, separating Burma, Aden from India.
8/2/1942 Gandhi says that the Japanese might be welcomed in India should they invade due to current Indian discontent.
8/2/1953 Baldev Ramji Mirdha ""Kisan Kesari"", great social worker, leader and politician, died in harness while going to address a Kisan Conference. He also played a vital role in formation of Rajasthan.
8/2/1958 Arshad Ayub, cricketer (Indian off-spinner in 13 Tests between 1987-89), was born in Hydrabad.
8/2/1959 Little Theatre was established.
8/2/1970 Smt. Chonira Beliappa Muthamma, India's first woman ambassador, was deputed at Hungary.
8/2/1977 Jaswinder ""Jas"" Jutla, Soccer(Football) player, was born in Glasgow, Scotland.
8/2/1980 Ramshankar Baij, great sculptor, died.
8/2/1984 32 people died in a bomb explosion at Meenambakkam Airport.
8/2/1987 Geet Sethi retains the World Amateur Billiards title.
8/2/1987 Vishwanathan Anand becomes the first Asian to win the World Junior Chess championship.
8/2/1988 The Supreme Court confirmed death sentence on Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh in Indira Gandhi murder case.
8/2/1993 CEC Seshan postpones all elections including by-elections to December in protest against the government's attempt to subjugate the Commission.
8/2/1993 Seven JD (A) rebel MPs admitted to Congress (I).
8/2/1994 Opposition quits Parliament panels, boycotts sessions.
8/2/2000 The Lok Sabha performs a ''hat-trick'' by setting off the process for the creation of three new states by passing the Jharkhand Bill.


Other Historical Dates and Events
2/11/1977Dr. Fakruddin Ali Ahmad (1905-1977), the 5th President of India, passed away in office.
4/1/1935The Reserve Bank of India was established as a Central Bank and the job of issuing notes was entrusted to this bank. The Commissioner's office which issued currency was abolished and was substituted by the Governer of the RBI. The issue offices scattered around the country came to be called as the regional offices of the Reserve Bank.
9/11/1950Sorabjee Harmasji Colah, cricketer (69 runs in India's first 2 tests 1932-33), passed away.
11/1/1967Old Punjab, after first partition in 1947, was again seperated into two new states of Punjab and Haryana on linguistic basis, and Chandigarh became a Union Territory.
7/24/2000The trial in the Rs. 133 crore urea scam resumes after about one year in the special court for CBI cases in New Delhi.
2/23/19905-member Ministry headed by R. K. Ranbir Singh in Manipur elected.
6/24/1990President R. Venkataraman issues notification formally constituting an Inter-State Council.
9/11/1991V. S. Narayan, 'Janmabhumi' Newspaper Group chief, died.
10/2/1845First Shipping Company of India started.
8/6/1999Kalpnath Rai (58), former Union Minister, died in New Delhi.