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What can India learn from China's 70 years of economic growth? (Column)
China celebrated the 70th anniversary of becoming a communist republic with much fanfare. Back in October 1949, when China was adopting the communist model of societal organisation, India was framing its constitution. Less than four months later, India was a democratic republic. The two nations in their current identities were, thus, born out of the ashes of the colonial world around the same time but adopted a contrasting system of economic and social development. After seventy years, the two nations stand at very different levels of development in terms of their economic, military and technological progress. China's prowess on these fronts is incomparable to that of India.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Modi's US visit: But is it Mission Accomplished?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned home to India from his six-day visit to the US to reach out to the Indian American community, buttress US-India trade relations, speak in a number of forums, hold meetings with country and business leaders to reassure to encourage and promote investment in India. And do all of this while avoiding or minimizing speaking about Kashmir.
Category: International, United States,National,Opinion/Commentary
Investment elixir: Structures, design and access (Column: Behind Infra Lines)
As the focus continues to be on additional steps to provide further impetus to the Indian economy, the microstructure of the financial markets assumes significance. From a financial market perspective, the focus must now be on "structures, security design, and market access". Mainly, further accelerating capital flow must be the prime objective.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Game theoretic approach to India-Pakistan conflict (Column: Active Voice)
The tensions between India and Pakistan refuse to abate. Ties between the two countries are probably at their lowest point in two decades. The deep hostilities today are only overshadowed by the ghosts of the Kargil war in 1999 and the 2001 Parliament attacks. Even the 2008 Mumbai attacks did not bring the relations between the two nations to such a low. This comes riding on a series of events starting from the shocking Pathankot attack (2016), Uri attack (2016), Amarnath Yatra Attack (2017) to the recent Pulwama attack (2019). As a result, the leaders of the two nations have not met since 2015.
Category: International, United States,National,Opinion/Commentary,Diplomacy
Role of Social Progress Index in measuring SDGs
New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANS) In this highly competitive and fast-growing world, every individual wants to achieve new heights. Each country wants to tread on the path of holistic growth in all spheres be it economic, social, or political to surpass the other countries.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Saudi Arabia looks at post-oil age; ties with India growing in importance (Comment by Saudi ambassador H.E. Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Sati)
This September 23 marks the 89th anniversary of the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud. The glorious history of our nation was made by the sacrifices of our founder King and his successors who transformed our great country into a regional leader and global economic power.
Category: International, United States,National,Opinion/Commentary
Week ahead would trade with positive bias (Column: Market Watch)
The week saw markets making some gains and confidence returning. US and China relations too improved, with China taking the first step by agreeing to buy US farm produce and removing the duties that were slapped by them. In reciprocation US deferred the increase in duties that were to happen. All this leads to hope that the US-China trade dispute would get resolved sooner than later.
Category: India, Punjab,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Indian cricket comes back home (Column: Close-in)
India has over time become the hub and spokesperson for world cricket. The interest, fan following and hype that one encounters at every corner of the country, of matches in India and overseas, is remarkable.
Category: India, Delhi,Sports,Cricket,Opinion/Commentary
Is liberal democracy under threat? (Column: Active Voice)
Every century has its own defining moment. For the nineteenth century, it was the juxtaposition of imperialism with the industrial revolution while for the twentieth century it was the World Wars and the advent of technology. The world in the twenty-first century seems to be at a similar crossroads. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, liberal democracies seemed to be the best form of societal organisation. The trust on the political order was so high that Francis Fukuyama claimed that it is the end of mankind's ideological evolution and the future belongs to liberal democracies.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Markets outlook -- equity and debt (Guest Column)
Equity Market Outlook:
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Three positive possibilities to look forward to (Column: Market Watch)
The week gone by had a trading holiday on Monday in India and the US, and began trading on Tuesday on an extremely weak note. The merger of PSU banks probably did not go down well with the markets or they expected more than just this. Either way Tuesday was really weak. The remaining three days saw the market alternating between gains and losses. Come Friday, there were again expectations of yet another press conference and markets gained with BSE SENSEX up 337 points and NIFTY up 96 points.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
The dynamics of India's growth recession (Column: Active Voice)
The crisis brewing within the Indian economy has gained unanimous acceptance by now. Even the latest annual report of the RBI for the fiscal year 2018-19 (or FY19) confirmed that the Indian economy has indeed hit a rough patch. The GDP growth rate of the economy has slipped to 5 per cent in the first quarter of FY20, the lowest in over six years. This is an indication of tougher times ahead. Be it the recent collapse of the automobile sector or the rising number of non-performing assets (NPAs), sluggish consumer demand or failing manufacturing sector; all have a hand in this deceleration of growth rate.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Aadhaar linkage with social media is troublesome (Comment)
As a debate rages on over the floating idea of linking Facebook accounts to Aadhaar, it is time we ponder if this is the only option or there are other better solutions that could not just secure the digital and social media lives of citizens but also ensure their privacy and safety.
Category: India, Himachal Pradesh,National,Opinion/Commentary
Markets should see strong upward movement - after a while (Column: Market Watch)
What a dramatic week just went by. It shook the market and then on Friday evening we had the Finance Minister soothing the nerves with balm. The true test would be the week ahead when one sees the response of her announcement from FPI's for whom it was primarily meant. The announcements are not yet over with more to follow in the week ahead and the subsequent week. It appears the housing sector would be a key beneficiary of announcements in the coming week.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
It's time social media authenticated its users (Comment)
On August 20, the Supreme Court of India sought the response of the Centre and social media companies to respond on Facebooks plea to shift cases related to linking social media accounts with Aadhaar from various courts across the country to it. In all likelihood, the apex court will hear a matter that affects the very fabric of democracy of this country. This is a good step as finally the judiciary will address an issue that is becoming difficult for the executive to handle.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Kashmir: Will BBC Once Again Lift The Veil Of Secrecy? (Comment)
It is just as well that the BBC has decided to expand its shortwave radio service in Kashmir to beat the communications blackout. This is not the first time the BBC has played this role - and for good reason. Because the supine, mainstream media in L.K. Advanis words crawls when it is asked to bend.
Category: International, United States,National,Opinion/Commentary
Batla House': Facts messed up by fiction (IANS Review; Rating: ** & 1/2)
"Batla House"; Cast: John Abraham, Mrunal Thakur, Ravi Kishen; Direction: Nikkhil Advani; Rating: ** & 1/2 (two and half stars)
Category: International, United Kingdom,Cinema/Showbiz,Bollywood,Opinion/Commentary
'Vidya Sinha was Rajnigandha to fans after her first film'
I am at a loss of words to hear about Vidya Sinhas demise, simply shocked beyond words. Till only the other day, I was watching her on the television show, "Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala". I was felt happy watching her on the show because our association is a really long one. I know her from the days of her first film, "Rajnigandha" (1974). Now, on hearing about her death, I am extremely sad and dont know how to react.
Category: India, Andhra Pradesh,Cinema/Showbiz,Bollywood,Opinion/Commentary
Exposing get rich quick schemes (IANS Interview)
New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) Get rich schemes - call them what you may - have siphoned off some Rs 7 lakh crore but no one seems to bat an eyelid, laments Aruna Ravikumar, a three-decade veteran of the print and electronic media, in her new book, tracing their origins to the liberalisation of the economy in 1991.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Needed: A new mindset in Bollywood (Battling Change-II)
If the Industry has survived (thrived?) so many decades it is because of the influx of fresh capital from new, glamour struck players. Every generation since the beginning of the Indian film Industry has seen a fresh set of
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
(RELEASE NOW) Applied Intelligence (Column: Spy's Eye)
A remarkable transition that is happening on the quiet to push the world from the Information Age to the overpowering Age of Intelligence is felt but not consciously absorbed by the leaders of business and industry including those responsible for Corporate Governance. They are aware that comprehensive information was needed today for successful decision-making in any sphere and that all enterprises therefore had to make an investment on gathering and analysing information that was either available in the open or accessed through channels created with some special effort. The open sources of information broadly include publications, online material, seminars and conferences, public contacts and even trade exhibitions. The advent of the Age of Information gave instant access to any information that was put in the public domain and therefore any competitive advantage a player could derive from it would be incumbent upon the latter's ability to use competent analysis to read into that open information some significance for the future that others had not noted. Analysis thus becomes an instrument of Intelligence generation.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Equity Market Outlook: Only silver lining is reasonable valuations (Guest Column)
The overall sentiment, on the domestic front, remained negative throughout the month on account of lower growth and subdued consumer sentiment, credit crunch due to tight liquidity conditions and rising stress especially in NBFCs and lack of any boost measures in the short to medium term.
Category: India, West Bengal,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Modi removes impediments to Kashmir becoming heaven on earth again (Comment)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again proved that he is head and shoulders above the run-of-the-mill politicians. His decision in respect of Jammu and Kashmir required many exceptional qualities. First and foremost was real insight into and understanding of the complexity involved in the Kashmir problem.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Death of 370, birth of hope for Kashmiris
New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) The end of Article 370 heralds a new beginning for many Kashmiris, despite the doom and gloom in some quarters over its revocation.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
BCCI shaken but still not stirred (Column: Close-in)
The Indian cricket teams performance is the only redeeming feature of Cricket India. They may have lost honourably in the World Cup and a few series in the past 2 years, but cricket on the field is very much on track. It is the off-the-field administration, politics, mayhem and chaos that has engulfed Indian cricket which is making the game into a spectacle in the eyes of every Indian cricket lover.
Category: India, New Delhi,Sports,Cricket,Opinion/Commentary
Enabling cities as drivers of economic growth (Column: Active Voice)
Economic development always comes with a dash of urbanization. That is almost an economic truism. Empirical studies have shown that nearly all countries that have attained middle-income status were urbanized by at least 50 per cent, and all high-income countries were at 70 to 80 per cent level of urbanization. The causal factor is the people that are attracted towards cities as urban areas are hubs of activity and growth. The concentration of talent in urban areas drives productivity and spurs job creation and growth. This explains the strong linkage between urbanisation and growth of economies as a whole.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Trump is America. America is Trump (Comment)
There can be a golden lining to the clouds, for India
Category: International, Thailand,National,Opinion/Commentary
Post Rahul, Congress may splinter but something new needed (Comment)
When Trinamools Mahua Moitra took Parliament by storm in her debut speech last month, a thought crossed my mind. In over two decades as Congress President could not Sonia Gandhi have sent a handful of young people to both the Houses who would have been noticed: politically savvy, feet on the ground, conversant with issues, articulate?
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
M.S. Dhoni: Not just a name, but an emotion
New Delhi, July 7 (IANS) Remember in 2005, then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf had become a fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his hairstyle. In fact, Musharraf was so much in awe of Dhoni's hairstyle during the Pakistan tour of 2006, that he advised him to not get a haircut.
Category: India, Delhi,Sports,Opinion/Commentary
Time to discuss mutual interests (Column: Political Calculus)
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came in advance for the final round of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's face-to-face meeting with American President Donald Trump. Trump sent him to fix the schedule of the two top leaders' meeting. It was just before June 28 that a bilateral meeting would be held in the G-20 summit in Japan. But with Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, Pompeo also held an advance meeting basically for themselves. Trump praised Modi with a tweet as soon as his second innings started, but his main goal was to ensure that India withdrew tax on US items - India has taxed medicine, cars, toys, and this tax had to be reduced.
Category: India, Maharashtra,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
Budget 2019: Kickstarting India's Developmental Journey (Column: Active Voice)
Since the time Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a bold target of making India a $5 trillion economy by 2024 at a NITI Aayog meeting early last month, the conversations in the mass media have disproportionately centred on the idea.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
PSUs must maximise 'time value of money' to boost growth (Column: Behind Infra Lines)
As news regarding recapitalisation of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and the need to improve credit availability come to the fore, one crucial issue that is assuming increasing importance is the need to maximise the "time value of money" of loans by ensuring faster resolution of credit issues.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Budget 2019-20: Waiting for Directions (Guest Column)
Ever since the new government assumed office at the Centre, the market is looking for directions and hopefully the Union Budget slated to be presented on July 5 as a norm will provide one.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Markets will remain volatile, trade cautiously (Column: Market Watch)
Markets continued to remain choppy and volatile on expected lines. On the very first day of the week, they traded for quite some time in the band of 11,700-750 and once that broke, all hell was let loose. Markets saw significant losses on Monday. For the next three days they gained and once again gave a feeling that the level mentioned above was sacrosanct. While Friday was another bad day at the markets, the level held. The week ended with BSESENSEX losing 257.58 points or 0.65 per cent to close at 39,194.49 points while NIFTY lost 99.20 points or 0.84 per cent to close at 11,724.10 points. The broader indices saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose 0.77 per cent, 0.77 per cent and 0.86 per cent respectively.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Week ahead to be choppy, trade cautiously (Column: Market Watch)
Markets continued to remain choppy and gained on two trading days, lost on two days and were flat on the fifth day. BSE SENSEX lost 163.83 points or 0.41 per cent to close at 39,452.07 points while NIFTY lost 47.35 points or 0.40 per cent to close at 11,823.30 points. The broader indices saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose a little more at 0.51 per cent, 0.60 per cent and 0.70 per cent respectively. Dow Jones gained 105.67 points or 0.41 per cent to close at 26,089.61 points.
Category: India, Kerala,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Decoding Congress failure in the 2019 general election (Comment)
The recently held general election was different from any other held in India in the sense that for this election, the ruling party as well as the opposition were in serious election mode for almost four years before it was held. On the ruling party side, the BJP knew well that its 2014 victory was more a mandate against the incumbent UPA government, and this factor would not be there in 2019.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
RBI supports growth stance with repo rate cut
As per the latest data by the Government of India, the economic growth has slowed down to a 20-quarter low of 5.8 per cent during the last quarter of FY 2018-19.
Category: India, New Delhi,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Modi's second term: Need to replace FEAR with HOPE (Comment)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's re-election by such large margins in a sweeping victory is testimony to his popularity across India. Many media articles during the seven-week long election process, however, expressed fear that a Modi victory would disenfranchise tens of millions and threaten Indian democracy itself. This perspective is attributable to what I call the FEAR (False Events Appearing Real) syndrome. This syndrome is caused by thinking that the past is a prologue and believing that only bad things will happen in the future. Modi's challenge in his second term will be to replace that FEAR with HOPE (Healing, Opportunity and Progress for Everyone).
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
India, US, Japan, Australia consult leveraging private sector power in infrastructure (News Analysis)
New York, June 1 (IANS) The Quad countries, India, Australia, Japan and the US, have discussed leveraging the power of the private sector, which could balance China's economic diplomacy that promotes infrastructure development in its quest for global influence.
Category: International, United States,Opinion/Commentary,Diplomacy,Politics
Minions could have sportingly leaked portfolios in a carnival of democracy (Comment)
The great TV anchors, God's gift to Indian journalism, who have been Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shrill town criers these past five years, looked sheepish covering the spectacular swearing in ceremony at the forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. These media stars from the loyalist school of journalism kept state secrets so deep in their hearts that they revealed not one portfolio, not even the time when the portfolios would be announced. There is an Arab saying: he knows not and knows not that he knows is a fool to be avoided.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary,Media,Politics
It's time to unsmoke: Accepting challenge to produce less harmful products (Comment)
As Chief Operating Officer at Philip Morris International (PMI), it is my job to help realize our transformation. Today, this means unsmoking the world. In fact, this is something we at PMI have been actively engaged in for more than 20 years. Yes, thats right. It has been nearly two decades since we began researching, developing and scientifically assessing smoke-free products as part of our commitment to creating a smoke-free future, which is now becoming a reality. However, for us to unsmoke the world, it is crucial to unsmoke India, which is home to over 100 million adult smokers.
Category: India, New Delhi,Health/Medicine,Opinion/Commentary
2019 World Cup: A superstar extravaganza
The most defining fact about the 2019 World Cup is that even one of the lowest-ranked teams, Afghanistan, has got two players who are superstars in the world of cricket. As a team, Afghanistan is expected, if at all, to provide a scare to one or two of the biggies, or even stage an upset to add some spice to what should otherwise be a four-team race to the title.
Category: International, United States,Sports,World Cup 2019,Cricket,Opinion/Commentary
Creating a vibrant community and nation through affordable housing
The Modi government in June 2015 committed to a grandiose vision of "Housing for All" by 2022, the 75th year of India's independence. With a view to provide a concrete shape to this vision, the government rolled out the "Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana" (PMAY). The scheme aimed at boosting affordable housing by providing credit-linked subsidy to construct around 2.95 crore houses in rural areas and 1.2 crore houses in urban areas.
Category: India, Tamil Nadu,National,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
Democracy triumphs (Column: Spy's Eye)
The parliamentary election in the world's largest democracy was watched by all countries, big and small, for reasons that are not far to seek: the likely impact on India's rising profile at the global level, the manner in which an extraordinary amount of dirt was kicked up by the opposition - itself divided by caste, creed and region - against the Modi government making the outsiders wonder about the levels to which the public discourse could dip here and the unparalleled scale of management of the polls in a country of India's size that was once again tested for the Central Election Commission's competence and firmness.
Category: India, Uttar Pradesh,National,Opinion/Commentary
NDA 2.0: Time filmmakers branched out (Column: B Town)
Nationalism and social issues, which the ruling government had promoted over the last five years, created new genre of themes for filmmakers. During the last five years, especially so in the last three of the Modi/ NDA era, the most successful films turned out to be the films on these genres. That was once Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accepted all over India as the leader the country needed.
Category: India, Uttar Pradesh,National,Opinion/Commentary
Incremental reforms a must do for the next government (Column: Behind Infra Lines)
As the new government takes office, it is time to reflect on some of the most critical areas that need attention to boost the investment and business climate in India. While structural reforms around land acquisition and labour laws remain on the top of the agenda, the new government would do well to focus on implementing incremental policy changes and addressing gaps in the various sectors that would significantly boost the investment climate.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Triumph of the BJP's Hindu nationalist card (Column: Political Circus)
An electoral face-off between a religious/nationalist party and a gaggle of vaguely Left-Liberal outfits is almost always an unequal contest as the scales are invariably tilted in favour of the former.
Category: India, Punjab,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
It's time for BJP government to introduce long-standing structural reforms (Column: Active Voice)
After the BJP won 282 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 - the first time in three decades that a single party was able to gain an absolute majority - it was popularly believed that the unexpectedly strong performance was a one-off affair.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary,Business/Economy
Muslims and election: They also serve who only stand and wait (Comment)
Indias 187 million Muslims deserve a round of applause for the diligent docility with which they have allowed themselves to be the "other" against which the divisions within Hindu society have been composed into an ever increasing expanse of saffron. In geological time there will also be harmony in this expanse.
Category: International, Costa Rica,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
May 23: A day to celebrate India's democracy (Comment)
On May 23, the seven-week long Indian election process will come to an end. The votes will be counted and a winner will be declared. No matter who wins, the real winner will be Indias democracy. I say this as an Indian American who has had the privilege of living in the two largest - and, I would add, greatest - democracies in the world. I have watched in awe as this years election in India has unfolded. It brought back memories of Indias national election of 2014. The scope and size of that election was unrivalled in the history of the world.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary